I'm compatible with BlackBerry, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung & Sanyo. Plug me in. I'll take {Charge}. Let's save some energy. You + Me = Homebody: Just plug me in, kick back and relax - I'll take it from here. Don't mind me, I'll just cuddle up on the wall until I regain my energy. I'll be supercharged and ready to go in no time! Reminder: Save energy, remember to unplug me when not in use. Blackberry: Blackberry Curve 8900; Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 & 8230; Blackberry Storm 9530 & Storm 2; Blackberry Thunder 9500; Blackberry Bold 9700; Blackberry Tour 9630. Kyocera: Kyocera Mako S4000; Kyocera X-Tc; Kyocera Jax; Kyocera S1300. LG: LG8360; LG Banter AX265; LG Chocolate 3 VX8560; LG Decoy VX8610; LG env2 & env3; LG enV Touch; LG Lyric; LG Glance; LG Glimmer; LG Incite; LG Lotus LX600; LG Rumor 2; LG Versa VX9600; LG Xenon GR500; LG Chocolate Touch; LG Shine II; LG eXpo. Motorola: Motorola Adventure V750; Motorola Cliq; Motorola Barrage; Motorola DROID; Motorola Debut i856; Motorola Evoke QA4; Motorola Hint QA30; Motorola i465 Clutch; Motorola I576; Motorola i776; Motorola i680 Brute; Motorola i9 Stature; Motorola Entice W766; Motorola Rapture VU30; Motorola RAZR VE20; Motorola Razr2; V8Motorola Razr2 V9x; Motorola Renegrade V950; Motorola Rival a455; Motorola VU204; Motorola Karma. Nokia: Nokia 1606; Nokia 2605 Mirage; Nokia 2705; Nokia 6205; Nokia 6350; Nokia 7205 Intrigue; Nokia 7705 Twist. Palm Treo: Palm Treo Pro; Palm Treo Pre; Palm Treo Pre plus; Palm Pixi. Samsung: Samsung Exclaim M550; Samsung My Shot II R460; Samsung Rant M540; Samsung Reclaim; Samsung TwoStep SCH-R470; Samsung Intrepid; Samsung Omnia II; Samsung Behold II; Samsung Messager II; Samsung Freeform; Samsung Instinct HD. Sanyo: Sanyo Pro-700; Sanyo Pro-200; Sanyo Katana Eclipse X; Sanyo Incognito. Are we compatible? Limited Lifetime Warranty: See for details. Watch me in action! Scan me with your smartphone's QR reader. Printed on recycled paper. Sweet! We all need to recharge our batteries. Designed by Fuse in Michigan. Made in China.