Stinger Insect Zapper, Outdoor

Model FP15-CR Lures mosquitoes and biting insects. Octenol attracts mosquitoes. Which may transmit west nile, encephalitis, and other diseases. Replace octenol lure. Every 30 days for optimal effectiveness. F Replacement bulb. Lures Mosquitoes and Biting Insects. 1. Nosquito Octenol lure attracts flying insects by simulating human breath. 2. The Insect Zapper lures mosquitoes and biting insects. Mosquitoes may transmit West Nile virus and other viruses that cause encephalitis. They may also transmit heartworm disease to dogs and cats. Octenol attracts mosquitoes to the Insect Zapper where they are killed. 3. Sturdy ring for carrying or hanging. Stinger FP15. Lamp contains mercury. Stinger outdoor insect zapper. 3 year warranty. ETL listed - Intertek. Any questions? 1-800-477-0457 Call toll-free to talk to a technical expert. Works with Nosquito Lure. Nosquito by stinger. Lasts 30 days - buy refills for full seasonal coverage. Dispose or recycle in accordance with applicable laws. For info. on safe handling procedures, safe disposal and recycling, call 1-800-477-0457. Corrugated recycles. For responsible recycling, please visit: Recycle Nation. Made in China.