M&M's Pretzel Chocolate Candies Medium Bag

Crunchy, salty, sweet. Now more pretzel taste! 30% less fat than average of the leading chocolate brands (6 g fat per 39 g serving vs. 9 g average for leading chocolate brands). Visit mms.com. Always fun. What's Inside per Serving (About 7 Servings per Pack): 180 calories (9% DV); 6 g total fat (9% DV); 3.5 g sat fat (18% DV); 20 g sugars (no DV defined); 190 mg sodium (8% DV). GDA's are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. To learn more visit www.marshealthyliving.com. Crunchy salted pretzel. Colorful candy shell. Delicious milk chocolate. M&M's Chocolate Candies are made of the finest ingredients. This product should reach you in excellent condition. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mars real chocolate. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth - not in your hand.