Primizie® Italian Everything Flatbread Crisps 6.5 oz. Bag

Chef crafted. Grilled and crisped. Made with herbs and multi-spice blend. Non GMO Project verified. Vegan. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Minimal ingredients. Corn free. Try all our culinary travel-inspired flavors. We've been mastering blends of traditional Italian herbs for years and thought they would compliment from a boost of Mediterranean. Our multi-seed, herb and spice blend includes seven unique herbs and nine seeds and spices. Many of the selected ingredients are indigenous to Italy while other have been adopted to the cuisine form surrounding regions. - Mark + Lisa. Primizie means beginning in Italy, where our founders Chef Mark and wife Lisa sought the start of their signature appetizers. Italian everything flatbread crisps goes well with Bruschetta and cream cheese dip, but if there's nothing else around don't fear, these taste great on their own. Let's share stories. Facebook/primiziesnacks. Twitter (at)primizie. Instagram (at)primizie_snacks. Pinterest/Primizie_snacks. Born and bread in Austin, TX. Made in the USA.