Snyder of Berlin Cheese Curls

Snyder® of Berlin Cheese Curls. Baked with real cheese. More intense flavor! Gluten free. No preservatives. 0 grams Trans fat per serving. Per 1 oz. serving: 170 Calories. 1.5g Sat fat, 8% DV. 300mg Sodium, 13% DV. 1g Sugars. Net Wt 6 oz (170 g). How can you make a fan favorite even better Crank up the flavor! We want to reward you for choosing Snyder of Berlin with two kinds of real cheese - hearty cheddar and tangy blue - specially-blended for intense deliciousness! Always baked and never fried, your favorite cheese curls are real deal. Embrace the fun, but be careful: you'll probably have cheesy fingers. Our home of Berlin, Pennsylvania, is a model of small-town America - and indeed, Somerset County is known as "America's County". Since 1947, Snyder of Berlin has been an active member of the community and region, and we are proud to share part of it with you. Registered Penna. Dept. of Agriculture. Call: 1-888-257-8042. Visit ©2016.