Nunn Better Cracked Corn

Attracts: squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and various birds. Attracting Birds & Small Animals: Supplemental feeding increases your backyard's powers of attraction for the simple reason that nature usually can't match the concentrated supply of food that you can provide in your feeder. Offering Nun-Better Cracked Corn in your feeder or scattered on the ground can attract a variety of birds and small animals for a delightful addition to your backyard. Nun-Better is committed to helping you enjoy wildlife by offering a quality product. Watching Birds & Small Animals: Birds are a joy to watch as they flock around a feeder taking turns getting food. Every bird feeds in a slightly different manner and it can be great fun to watch all the different methods they use. Some will eat right at the feeder while others will pick up a piece of food and fly off to another perch to eat it. Bright-eyed and busy-tailed, squirrels are great fun to watch too. They scamper around on the ground in search of food and often rise up on their hind feet to look around. Squirrels can quickly ascend to the top of a tree, leap from branch to branch or hang by their hind claws leaving their forepaws free to eat hanging upside down. Chipmunks often eat cracked corn as well and usually look for food on the ground. Chipmunks often chatter as they scamper around and are great fun to watch. Like squirrels, they sometimes fill their cheek pouches with food and make frequent trips between food-gathering sites and their nest. For more information on any Nunn-Better product, visit our website at or call toll-free 1-800-547-6866. Made in USA.