Fischer & Wieser Sauce, Charred Pineapple Bourbon

Finishing flavor. Brush on baked ham. Spread on waffles. Pour over ice cream. Est. 1969. All natural and gluten-free. Dipping. Grilling. Marinade. Finishing sauce. Inspiring your culinary adventure. Our Life On the Farm: Growing fresh fruit on our farm, especially peaches, has been an ongoing endeavor for over 85 years. These fruits inspired our first products, like Estella Wieser's Old Fashioned Peach Preserves, but we didn't stop there. Creating new and exciting flavor combinations that make you a chef in your own kitchen is our goal. With our farm in mind, its easy to stay focused on the all-natural, farm-fresh goodness that stirs up the most flavorful and authentic gourmet pantry items. We sincerely hope that each product truly inspires your culinary adventure. Made in USA.