Campbell's® 100% Natural Light New England-Style Beef Pot Roast Soup 18.6 oz. Can

80 calories per serving. 100% natural (No artificial ingredients and only minimally processed). 33% fewer calories than regular ready to serve soup. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Select Harvest Light: 80 calories. Regular ready to serve beef with vegetables soup: 130 calories. Inspired by your favorite regional cuisine, New England-Style Braised Beef Pot Roast is cooked to perfection with a delicate blend of carrots, potatoes, onions, and flavorful seasonings to create a soup that will delight your taste buds. Real ingredients. For real taste. Real ingredients are ingredients you understand. In case you didn't know - xanthan gum and locust bean gum are natural ingredients that provide texture. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that comes from potato or corn starch. Lactic acid adds flavor to beef. Cooked with care in the USA.