Febreze® Apple & Spice Air Freshener Candle 3.5 oz. Sleeve

With Febreze Candles, you can light the way to long-lasting freshness in any room of your home. The flame releases a welcoming glow and pleasing scent as it burns, actually eliminating tough odors such as food, pet, and smoke smells. A perfect addition to bedrooms, countertops, tables, mantels, and more. Febreze Candles complement any decor and infuse your home with warm, soothing freshness. Febreze Candles Release Warm, Soothing Freshness That Lasts for Hours and Hours Eliminate Tough Odors as They Burn, Leaving a Delightful Scent Complement Any Decor While Eliminating Pet, Bathroom, Cooking Odors, and More Perfect for Countertops, Tables, Mantels, or Wherever You Enjoy a Fresh-Scented Glow Eliminates Tough Odors so They're Gone for Good Available in a Variety of Fresh Scents and Sizes