Gillette Cartridges 10 ea

Originally launched by Gillette in 1990, Gillette Sensor was the first razor system with twin blades individually mounted on highly responsive springs that automatically adjust to the contours of every face. These spring - mounted twin blades that glide across skin help deliver a close, comfortable shave. The self-adjusting twin blades automatically adjust to every curve of your face and safely respond to every detail of your skin. Get a great handle on your shave with an anti-slip sure grip handle for control and maneuverability. The Gillette Sensor has a pivoting head which adjusts to the contours of your face. The twin blades have chromium coating for long lasting blades. Gillette easy loading system makes changing blades fast and easy. Unsure if your current handle fits? All Sensor razor blade refill cartridges fit both Sensor and Sensor Excel razor handles. For best results, use with your favorite Gillette shave gel, foam or cream.