Digiorno Hand Tossed Style Crust Pizza & Cookies

It's not delivery. It's DiGiorno®. DiGiorno® Hand Tossed Style Crust Pizza & Cookies. Full size four cheese pizza. Bake the very best®. Nestle® Toll House Since 1939 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. New! Real®. Made with 100% real cheese. Do not consume raw cookie dough. Makes 12 cookies. Try all three! DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies, Four Cheese Pizza & Chocolate Chip Cookies. DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies, Pepperoni Pizza & Chocolate Chip Cookies. DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies, Supreme Pizza & Chocolate Chip Cookies. Enjoy our Hand Tossed Style Crust and Nestle® Toll House® Cookies! New DiGiorno® Pizza & Sides! Here's 3 more reasons why you don't need delivery. Because now you can get your favorite pizza with your favorite sides - all in one box. Like Cheesy Breadsticks, White Meat Boneless Wyngz, and break and bake Nestle® Toll House® Cookies. Make Friday night memorable with a delivery style combo from DiGiorno®. Make Friday night memorable! Carton 100% recyclable. All trademarks are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A, Vevey, Switzerland. Contact us: call 1-800-708-5580 or visit www.digiorno.com or www.nestleusa.com. Please have package available when you call. Se habla espanol.