Crunchies Raspberries, Freeze Dried

Nature's ultimate snack food. Certified gluten-free. Fruits & veggies more matters. All natural. No fat. Only 25 calories per serving. Contains 4 servings of fruit (The USDA recommends 4 servings of fruit a day for older children and adults and 2 servings for children (2-6 yrs). One serving equals 1/2 cup.) No sugar added. 100% Real fruit. No preservatives. Raw food. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Did you know: it takes 8-10 lbs of fresh fruit to make 1 lb of Crunchies? Crunchies vs. Dried Fruit: More nutrients & antioxidants. Crunchies special drying process retains an average of 90% of the nutrients compared to fresh fruits (Air drying retains an average of only 45% maximum)(Actual Results may vary by fruit). No added sugar. 1/4 cup of fruit Crunchies has an average of 5 grams of total sugar. 1/4 cup of dried fruit has an average of 25 grams of total sugar (Actual results may vary by fruit). Less retained water after drying. Less water means the flavor is more concentrated - you get the essence of the fruit. All dried fruits have more water than Crunchies. Less water = better values (Actual results may vary by fruit). What are Crunchies? Crunchies are made through a unique freeze-drying process where water is removed in a refrigerated vacuum, leaving only the essence of vegetable or fruit with a crunchy texture. Absolutely nothing else is added. Crunchies toll-free hotline 888-997-1866. Made in the USA.