Barry's Bakery French Twists Wild Raspberry

Layers of sweet puffed pastry. Non dairy. No butter. Low sodium. No cholesterol. No eggs. No yeast. Just great taste. Sweet cinnamony taste. Certified vegan AVA American Vegetarian Association. No trans fat. Low fat. Only 30 calories per twist. A great treat or snack anytime, morning, noon or night. Points (the points value for this product was calculated by Barry's Bakery and is not an endorsement or approval of the product or its manufacturer by Weight Watchers International, Inc. the owner of the points registered trademark) value: 1 (2 twists = 1 point). When was the last time you had something healthy that tasted great? Great taste and healthier: at the age of 42 I suffered a major heart attack. After bypass surgery my doctors instructed me to limit my cholesterol intake, to exercise more, and to stay within the Heart Association's recommended diet. Twists fit into your lifestyle: to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle, my diet needed some excitement. As a sweet lover, I searched for a treat that I could enjoy without guilt. After months of experimentation, the Original French Twist was born. Layer upon layer of puff pastry dough sprinkled with cinnamony sweet goodness. The only things we have left out are cholesterol, eggs, butter, and yeast. Handmade and oven baked: I can now share this exciting taste treat with you. I've found that my new lifestyle, which combines lower fat intake, lower cholesterol, and healthier ingredients in general combined with a routine exercise program has results in me feeling the best I have in years. - Barry, Founder & President.