HOSTESS Vanilla Cupcakes, Limited Edition, 8 Count, 12.7 oz

Spring is in the air with these delicious HOSTESS snack cakes, available for a limited time only. Savor HOSTESS Strawberry Flavored TWINKIES, packed with pink creamy filling. Sink your teeth into rich golden sponge cake and taste thesweet strawberry flavor. Get a sweet start with HOSTESS Carrot Cake Flavored DONETTES. Pop open the resealable bag and get ready to LIVE YOUR MOSTESS. Or put a spring in your step with HOSTESS Vanilla Flavored CupCakes, drizzled with THE ORIGINAL SQUIGGLE you know and love. Find a place in your day for limited edition HOSTESS snack cakes. Whether it’s springtime or any time, these classic snack cakes will fill your heart with joy.