Luzianne® Decaffeinated Tea Bags 100 ct Box

Iced tea was born in the South well over 100 years ago. Luzianne Tea, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is proud to be a part of rich southern heritage of iced tea. In 1903 we started making tea that was specially blended for fresh brewed iced tea. Many people first learned about Luzianne Tea from our early television advertising with Burl Ives. He proclaimed Luzianne is always clear as a bell. Over the years, the popularity of fresh brewed iced tea has spread beyond the South, and so has Luzianne Tea. Enjoy Luzianne Decaffeinated Tea iced or hot. We took the caffeine out naturally, and left the Great Luzianne flavor in! Luzianne Naturally Decaffeinated Tea is a special blend of rich, prime tea leaves that gives you a fully satisfying, delicious flavor. It's so refreshing, you'll want to enjoy it all day long - and you can, without worrying about caffeine. You'll love the great taste of Luzianne Naturally Decaffeinated Tea. Tea and your Health: Combined with a well-balanced diet and exercise, tea can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.