Seattle Sour Artisan Sliced Round French Bread 24oz Facebook. Instagram. If you have any questions or comments about this product, please let us hear from you. Find us at following locations: online: email: info(at)us mail: Franz Costomer Sevice PO Box 14769 Portland, OR 97293 Please include the name of the product , where you purchased it and the UPC. The chewy crust, soft center, and aged French flavor combine to make the Classic French Round the perfect loaf. Our skilled and dedicated bakers continue to use the age old slow ferment process to guarantee a perfect crust and flavor. In today’s busy world, we are proud to slow down to create a bread you will truly enjoy. Our Seattle International products include a variety of delicious baked goods. From sliced French and sourdough breads to soft breadsticks to our bake in the oven or on the grill garlic bread, we have a product to make mealtime more convenient. We know meal planning can be challenging so we are here to offer simple and tasty solutions to enjoy.