What are Digital Coupons?
Digital Coupons are offers that load directly to your MyIGA.com account (or Bonus Card where applicable). The coupons redeem automatically at the register when you purchase the qualifying item(s).

What is your coupon policy?
Click here to review our coupon policy.

What is required to load and redeem digital coupons?
To download digital coupons, you just need to create an account on MyIGA.com.

How do digital coupons work?
1. Sign in or Register to get started
2. Browse our selection of Digital Coupons
3. Select and Download your Coupons
4. Redeem your Digital Coupons when you enter your phone number at checkout (or swipe Bonus Card at select locations).

How long are coupons available?
Coupon start and end dates vary based on the offer. Each coupon shows the corresponding expiration date.

What do I do if my store does not carry the product for which I have a Digital Coupon?
Product availability varies by location and a product being in-stock cannot be guaranteed.

A Digital Coupon would not redeem at checkout. What do I do?
Occasionally this may happen for a variety of reasons. If you notice this while you are at the register, please ask the cashier for assistance or contact us. Please provide the phone number (and 12 digit Bonus Card number if applicable) being used, the UPC of the product and amount that was purchased.